Block Pricing Booklet

How it Works

Above you will find our all-encompassing Block Pricing Booklet.

Table of Contents:
1) Click on the “Table of Contents” tool
2) Click the drop-down arrow for the corresponding section
3) From here, you can click between products and the page will change accordingly

1) Click on the “Bookmarks” tool
2) From here, you can name the bookmark, select a color, and assign it to a page


  Table of Contents




Mobile Viewing

To save this as a mobile application for quick access, just follow these easy steps!

IOS Mobile App View:
1) Open this page on your Apple device
2) Select browser settings and scroll to “Add to Home Screen”

Android Mobile App View:
1) Open this page on your Android device
2) Go to browser settings and select “Add to Home Screen”

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