Collaboration with the Water Well Trust and H2 Alabama

On Friday, February 4th, General Shale’s Jet Stream pipes division hosted a special event at the Siloam Springs, AR plant where the company announced a donation of more than 15,000 feet of PVC pipe that will be used to install 50 freshwater wells across five rural counties in Alabama. The effort helps bring access to clean water for families who have either lost their well access or simply cannot afford to drill a private well for clean water.


Coverage of the event was far reaching on social media in addition to multiple news outlets and industry partners picking up the story.

Here is a quick highlight of the day’s announcement published by 4029 NEWS (WATCH)


A Collaborative Celebration

Jet Stream celebrated this special announcement with other industry partners and a US Senator. As leaders in the pipes industry, Jet Stream is proud to have worked closely with The Water Systems Council and The Vinyl Institute to execute the donation to the Water Well Trust benefiting H2 Alabama.

In addition, we were all pleased to have US Senator, John Boozman of Arkansas, join us in support of the effort to provide a sustainable solution for communities deserving access to clean water in rural America.


(Senator Boozman’s Press Release on the Event Here)

Touring Sustainable Manufacturing

Capping off the event, the Jet Stream plant team led attendees throughout the state-of-the-art pipes facility to learn more about how Jet Stream and General Shale are creating sustainable materials that are providing long-term infrastructure solutions.




Well projects have begun drilling in 2023 and will continue into 2024 as rural residents are learning about the program which will provide applicants with access to clean water, something most residents struggle with by having no well at all or shallow wells that are susceptible to contamination and limited output due to their depths. Jet Stream is proud to see the donated pipe being utilized to support the deserving families seeking better access to clean drinking water.

Learn more about H2Alabama and their work here: Our Work | H2Alabama